Transforming Operations

By reviewing how you carry out your facilities operations we can tell you if there are any opportunities for improvement, savings or increased efficiency

We do this using the following proven process which can deliver both understanding and a roadmap for delivering change and real results:


Strategic Review

  • Determine if you have the right strategic model for your estate and facilities management 

Sourcing Review

  • Determine if you have the right sourcing model and suppliers
  • Determine if you have the right contract model
  • Validate that you have to tools, skills and techniques to manage it

Organisation Review

  • Check you have the right management structure
  • Determine if your people got the right skills
  • Validate that your service provider got the right contract management structure in place

Specification Review

  • Confirm that the specification really meets your business needs
  • Demonstrate that it incentivises and promotes good service and propose change where needed
  • Check that it works for the supplier - remember only committed suppliers really deliver!


Operational Review

  • Determine if delivery is effective and are you getting the service you are paying for
  • Determine if delivey is well managed by both you and your supplier(s)
  • Propose what can be done to reduce risk
  • Propose what can be done to increase quality
  • Propose what can be done to increase value
  • Show what can be done to make life easier for you and your supplier(s)

People Review

  • Determine if your team have the right skills, attitude and commitment
  • Review if suppliers appointing the right people
  • Provide a view on what training and / or personal development is needed

Implementation Plan

  • We will develop a plan for change which maximises benefits and minimises risk


Deliver Sustainable Benefits

  • Cost savings for the long term
  • Service improvements at day one followed by further ongoing improvements
  • Reduced risk (including financial, physical and reputational)
  • Continuous improvement 
  • An innovation culture 
  • Shared savings

Whether you need to look at an individual stage or the end to end process we can help

Also, if you have a specific issue that needs to be addressed please contact us with details and we will be pleased to help you.

Examples of areas where we can help are:

  • Improving service quality
  • Contract mobilisation
  • Contract review and issue resolution
  • Management system optimisation
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Risk reduction and mitigation

Transforming Operations