FM Helpdesk

Helpdesk Development and Optimisation


Communication is at the heart of any  good support service - key to this, especially in facilities management, is the helpdesk

The helpdesk - whether its called a helpdesk, contact centre, call centre, hub, contact point or whatever - is the link between end user and service delivery.  It must therefore give all who contact it the confidence that their issue or query will be resolved efficiently and effectively:

Helpdesk Design

We can support you in designing the helpdesk you need by helping you with the specification of the following:

  • Operating style
  • Communications interfaces
  • Size and location advice
  • Technical requirements
  • Advice on interfaces (phone, e-mail and web chat)
  • Staff requirements
  • Staff training

Helpdesk Implementation

 Once  you have a design for your helpdesk we can help you to get it up and running by helping you with:

  • Procuring and selecting a suitable supplier or helping you to set up your own in-house helpdesk
  • System selection
  • Staff selection and recruitment
  • Staff training and development
  • Advice on the look and feel of the helpdesk
  • Writing of processes, procedures and user guides
  • Development of operator  scripts and FAQs
  • Developing and implementing   a communication strategy for the helpdesk
  • Development of performance management systems
  • Design and development of helpdesk reports
  • Development of on-going staff training programmes 

Helpdesk Optimisation

How well is your helpdesk working? 

We can review your existing helpdesk and identify what is working well and where there are areas for improvement.  This can include but is not limited to:

  • Understanding how effective end users feel it is working
  • Understand how well it works for contractors
  • Understanding staff needs and effectiveness
  • Reporting review
  • Areas for technological improvement
  • Improving the look and feel of the helpdesk
  • Process and procedure review
  • Improving the user interface and user experience 

Governance and Management System Review

Just how well are your suppliers and services being managed?  By carrying out an assessment of your existing FM processes and management systems we will help you to understand if they are ‘fit for purpose’ and if there are any gaps that expose you to risk or potential non-compliance.  This will allow us to work with you to develop a unique action plan to support both operational efficiency, risk mitigation and compliance.


A good helpdesk can make a real difference to your services but a bad one can lead to dissatisfaction with the service as a whole