Facilities and Property Management

Facilities and Property Management

An organisation's biggest cost after people is typically its property therefore so even a small reduction in overall property costs can make a big difference to your bottom line

We can help you save money whilst optimising the quality of your services and space

Facilities Management

Facilities management enables organisations to deliver - good FM enables an organisation to achieve its core goals

Facilities management is an enabling service which gives you the physical infrastructure needed to carry out your day-to-day operations.  To work well it needs to operate seamlessly in the background and provide an extra level of response when the business needs it.  We have the deep technical knowledge that delivers a service that genuinely supports you:

Facilities Strategy

By understanding both your business requirements and your existing FM service delivery we will work with you to develop a FM strategy that supports core operations.  By defining your service needs, a sourcing strategy and how the service should be managed we can help to deliver both reduced operating costs and service quality improvements that will make a difference to your core business.

Governance and Management System Review

Just how well are your suppliers and services being managed? 

By carrying out an assessment of your existing FM processes and management systems we will help you to understand if they are ‘fit for purpose’ and if there are any gaps that expose you to risk or potential non-compliance.  This will allow us to work with you to develop a unique action plan to support both operational efficiency, risk mitigation and compliance.

ISO 41001 : Facility Management -Management Systems -  Implementation, Training, Review and Optimisation

ISO 41001 provides a framework to allow consistency and quality throughout an organisation's operations whether in one country, regionally or even globally as it provides a common basis upon which FM can be assessed and measured.  

We are amongst the country's leading experts in this new standard and are able to support you in gaining  compliance in a way that delivers quality, consistency, cost and risk management benfits rather than simply being a tick in the box to gain a certificate.

Facilities Management Sourcing and Procurement

Whether you need a single service or a global contract we can help you. 

By combining our specialist FM knowledge and in depth procurement knowledge we can develop and implement a sourcing strategy that can help you to minimise cost, align service with operational needs and objectives and optimise service quality.

As well as being experts in multinational procurement we are also specialists in OJEU compliant public procurement.

FM Health Check   

Just how good is your FM?  To provide an overview we  have developed a cost effective and rapid approach which gives you a snapshot of how effective your organisation is in the core service areas and can therefore identify areas where further investigation or action is required.

 Interim FM Management Support

We can provide executive and senior level facilities management support as staff cover,  to  carry out due diligence, to provide pragmatic solutions to service or contract issues or to implement a new contact. 

Our experience shows that where there are service problems  a change of personnel to someone independent can often find the answers and make a real difference or deliver real innovation.


Property Management

Do you have the right buildings and space to allow your organisation and people to perform at their best?

We can support you in getting the portfolio and space that your business needs to operate efficiently, effectively and in a cost effective way:

Portfolio Efficiency

Space is expensive so, typically, the less you use the lower your costs (even if you can’t immediately release space an empty building is cheaper to run than an occupied one). 

By reviewing your building efficiency (space utilisation) and building effectiveness (location, business fit and cost per m2) we will be able to offer a view on the suitability of your estate and an understanding of the potential for savings through space efficiency as well as beneficial changes that can be made to your estate to improve business fit.

We can also advise you on creating an environment that inspires your people and reflects your brand.

Space and Workplace Efficiency

How well is your space used?  Does it meet the needs of the people who work in it?  Do they even need to be there?  By reviewing how space is used and assessing the potential for hybrid, agile or mobile working?

We can develop a maturity assessment for your workplace which allows an action plan to be developed that can allow cost and efficiency benefits to be realised whilst potentially increasing workforce efficiency and motivation.

Location Stratey

Are your buildings in the right place? 

Many organisations are in legacy locations which made sense when they were originally selected but now are not suitable - you could be sitting on a piece of real estate that is worth a lot of money or be able to relocate to somewhere with better transport links, infrastructure or access to the workforce or skills that you need.   

Whether you are looking globally or deciding where to be within a country we can help you - for example, did you know that you can save over a third on property costs just by relocating within a country