Procurement and Supply Chain

Good procurement offers sustainable value in the long term  not just quick savings - Spingate Consulting can help you to achieve this goal

Whatever you are buying you need to be certain that it meets your business or organisational needs – whether it is for a support service or a delivery specific item.  Spingate Consulting can help you through the entire procurement process:

Sourcing Strategy

There are many ways of sourcing an item but which is right for you?  We will work with you to define the sourcing strategy that can work for you.  By taking a rounded view, including conversations with potential suppliers, we can help risk to be managed and market interest to be generated so you avoid the costs associated with risk premiums and insufficient completion.

Service or Product Scoping

Before you attempt to source anything you need to know what it is.  We will work with you to define and develop a specification which allows you to go to market in a way that both meets your organisation’s needs and is attractive to potential suppliers.

Public Sector Procurement (OJEU)

Compliance with public procurement legislation (commonly known as the OJEU process) can be complex and is often challenged by unsuccessful service providers.  We can support you through the process and, by using a proven approach based on honesty, openness and professionalism, potentially reduce risk and enhance your reputation with the supply market.


High Profile Procurement

Some projects are in the public eye even though they are not subject to OJEU.  These require honesty and openness in a way that withstands deep scrutiny.  Although this is no different from the approach we would adopt anyway we understand the need for enhanced communications and external stakeholder management and can help you to manage this in an effective and positive way.