ISO 41001

IS0 41001

Do you want your FM services to be as good as they can be?

Complying with the key principles of ISO 41001 can help you achieve this

Spingate Consulting are amongst the world's leading experts in ISO 41001 training, system design and implementation

ISO 41001 : 2018 - Facility management — Management systems is a new standard designed to bring consistency to and manage risk within facilities management.  When implemented correctly it can generate both quality improvements and deliver cost savings across your operations and not just a few of them

In today’s challenging world it is not enough for Facilities Management professionals just to do a good job they have to be able to demonstrate it and quantify it. ISO 41001:2018 provides a framework to allow them to do this in a way that is relevant irrespective of the sector in which their organisation operates or where in the world they are based.

"For many Facilities Organisations ISO 41001 is a way of demonstrating they already do the right thing in at least one location.  By fully implementing it an organisation can reduce risk, increase consistency and potential savings that would otherwise be missed.  This can increase the profile and professionalism of your facilities management function and people"

Andrew Porter - Managing Director, Spingate Consulting


Our one day training course provides delegates with the following:

  • What is contained within ISO 41001
  • What a compliant organisation looks like
  • What are the benefits of complying with ISO 41001 even though it is not mandatory
  • Helping meet corporate goals including sustainability and cost
  • What are the disadvantages of complying with ISO 41001
  • The steps required to gain compliance

FM System Design and Implementation

Once you have made the decision to implement ISO 41001 we can help you including the following:

  • Implementation strategy including understanding your organisation and its needs and scoping the FM System which is at the heart of ISO 41001 compliance and benefit realisation
  • Tactical considerations including the development of the FM System, business focused policies and processes and an optimised organisation design
  • Implementation of the plans and policies and helping you through the potentially significant changes to your organisation
  • Operational support including advice on how you deliver facilities management so it meets the needs of your organisation and its people


Audit, Monitoring and Continuous Improvement

ISO 41001 is not a standard which is implemented and then forgotten - you have to keep checking how well you are doing and how you can make things even better.  We can help you with the following:

  • Performance management

  • Internal audit

  • Management review

  • Tactical improvement

  • Preventative action

  • Continuous improvement

Implementing ISO 41001 can deliver significant cost, quality and risk management benefits for an organisation that wants to do the right thing for ALL of its operations and improve them