Case Studies

Case Studies

It's easy to say that you can do something but we can show where we have made a real difference for our clients and delivered something special

Key Achievements

  • Developed and delivered market leading ISO 41001 training courses and implementation methodologies
  • Delivered service improvements and significant savings through operational improvement, management systems, operational  and organisation design including the re-procurement and sharing services for a number of organisations
  • Development, implementation and operation of a complete suite of ‘end to end’ operating and delivery processes with supporting SLAs, KPIs and management tools described by suppliers as ‘the best we have seen anywhere’
  • Led soft facilities management procurement for the London 2012 Olympics through to tender issue.  This included managing and building teams to deliver 35 packages in just 9 months and 20% savings to budget as well as contract management advice
  • Specialist experience and knowledge in multinational procurement of business support and facilities services for major companies
  • Successful leadership of an award winning shared services estates team including the review, redesign and optimisation of operations
  • Participation in significant, diverse and challenging (up to c.£1bn) facilities management outsourcing projects and contracts
  • Development, maintenance and influencing of long term customer and stakeholder relationships and behaviours
  • Obtained 41% savings from a new delivery and sourcing strategy for a client when expectations were c. 5-10%

Case Studies

High Ranking Fortune 500 Technology Company - Leadership of Americas FM Procurement

Re-procurement of total FM contract for all of the Americas including the USA, Canada and Latin America with a contract value of up to $1bn in a way that aligned with business need, enhanced quality, generated large scale value savings and improved governance in a way that facilitated growth and considered people. Management of transition to allow services to operate effectively and maximise customer service.

Results: A flexible contract that aligned with business need and generated savings of over 20% per annum on a like for like basis whilst improving service levels, governance and provide a scalable platform for future growth

High Ranking Fortune 500 Technology Company - Americas FM Review 

Review of existing contract delivery throughout the Americas to determine how existing successes can be built on and service and values can be enhanced. This included the development of a comprehensive suite of formats in a very straightforward and intuitive ‘tube line’ format which eased implementation and understanding in a unique corporate culture

Results: A range of potential improvements and the highlighting of existing successes which provides the client with a great foundation for moving forward

UK Government Department - FM Compliance Mobilisation Leadership

Mobilisation lead for a new compliance contract designed to improve the standards of buildings within the estate by appointing a new supplier and implementing new ways of working. This was achieved by bringing stakeholders together to achieve a common goal and by the development of intuitive and effective processes and ways of working

Results: A new delivery contract has been implemented on schedule in a way that can deliver significant enhancements to the estate

Leading Global Retailer - FM Operations Subject Matter Expert

Carried out a Continuous Improvement Review of all FM services, systems and processes throughout Europe to see where they could be made batter and align more closely with customer and building needs. This included a wide range of practical recommendations as to enhance quality and value

Results: The client has a detailed action plan which when delivered will bring operational, process, financial and customer benefits across the estate

Quadrilect Ltd. -  Training Course Development and Delivery / IWFM Professional Assessment

Development and delivery of a range of FM training courses including ISO 41001 – The international standard for Facilitymanagement - Management systems to enable clients to know the steps they need to take to drive service and deliverystandards and consistency globally whilst reducing risk in diverse organisations as well as the assessment of IWFM candidates

Results: Several training courses have been successfully delivered to help professionals drive quality and consistency in their organisations as well as helping individuals develop personally

Defence and Systems Company (UK / Europe)

Review of procurement process to date and provisions of recommendations and a route map for the procurement of estates and FM services to deliver the optimal balance of quality and value for the client.  This means that the client now has a clear direction for moving forward in a scalable way that can deliver value and reflect unique client needs

Department of Work and Pensions (UK)

As the Integrator Lead, Andrew Porter  mobilised the Integrator contract for the client following the end of the 20-year PRIME contract.  This contract is worth £62m and will be responsible for managing c£1bn of spend in all areas of property services.  This resulted in the effective launch of a contract where the suppliers can be effectively managed – something many said couldn’t be done

Manufacturing and Financial Services Organisations (Russia / Switzerland)

As procurement SME for property and facilities service providing guidance on how to extend best practice across borders to deliver value and consistency whilst reducing risk for global companies operating in markets with very different maturity levels.  This allowed the client to understand the challenges and advantages of delivering a single delivery model across very different markets.

Imperial Tobacco / Imperial Brands (UK)

Development, implementation and procurement of an Integrated Facilities Management contract for the company’s UK and global head offices – a highly sensitive project which included complex and challenging stakeholder management. This delivered savings of c.25% with reduced risk, improved service quality and presentation through competitive tender, e-auction and supplier negotiation

Imperial Tobacco / Imperial Brands (Pan-European)

Management of the procurement of Hard FM services across the company’s European manufacturing facilities to improve value, efficiency, consistency and quality in a highly competitive and challenging market sector.  This resulted in improved value with savings of c.17% and service consistency delivered through an innovative tender process and complex negotiations

Local Authority (UK)

As technical and procurement SME we helped to guide the client organisation through a complex and unique Total Facilities and Property Management (FM, construction and professional services) procurement using the ‘Competitive Dialogue’ proces.  This gave the client a  suite of bespoke and innovative specifications that will deliver value and manage risk throughout the life of the contract

Newcastle Gateshead Cultural Venues (UK)

Following the preparation of a feasibility report into shared services across all back of house activities with clear strategic and operational recommendations, based on effectiveness, benefits, reputation and ease of implementation we carried out an OJEU  compliant  re-procurement project for  facilities management and capital project services through to tender. 

This required complex stakeholder management within a diverse and unique world class range of venues and detailed advice on implementation and management including organisation design.   Our support meant that the client has clear direction in support services and understands where potential efficiencies and savings lie for the first time

Capgemini UK plc (UK / Europe / USA / Canada)     

Management of a project for the re-procurement of a full range of hard and soft facilities management services realising significant savings on a diverse portfolio including, but not limited to, office accommodation and business critical data centres.

“Over   a period  of  ten months, Andrew  PorteI [Managing Director, Spingate Consulting] provided Capgemini  UK plc with  in depth market  knowledge insight which requires specialist procurement expertise. He brought structure to the process and was efficient and organised and never let anything slip. Andrew was keen to deliver on time  and made it a priority to understand his client’s needs and knowledge base so he could “find a level” with each of the team to bring about the best result. Andrew is  intelligent and discrete  and I trusted  him with any delicate information. There has been a great deal of sensitivity  around his work and he controlled it tightly.

Deadlines were met –  he was able to take and give instruction ensuring he added value. Andrews always appears quietly in control and not easily irritated. He had challenging tasks set and did so with professionalism and humour. He prepared documentation on many matters and I have no doubt about its integrity, completeness and accuracy”

Julie Pereira Company Secretary & VP  Capgemini UK plc         

London 2012 Olympics (UK)

Procurement Category Manager for FM and Services including all catering and waste which was all zero direct to landfill. 

Took 35 contracts to market in just 9 months for this challenging and pivotal service.  Savings of over 20% were generated against budget for all contracts finalised during the duration of the contract – including both public buildings, office and studio space. 

One unique and high profile procurement project was the procurement of flags for medal ceremonies!

Leading Fixed and Mobile Telecoms Service Provider (Romania)

Subject Matter Expert providing advice on the outsourcing, procurement of all hard and soft FM services in a market which lacked maturity.  This included introducing new potential service providers to the market, the development of operating systems and management tools to support long term operation.

NHS Primary Care Trust (UK)

A critical review of processes and performance management systems to determine opportunities for enhancing customer service and delivering better value within the Trust.  Initial findings suggest that major changes to ways of working will be needed to increase efficiency.

Property Investoment Organisation (UK)

Strategic advice on the upgrade, maintenance and operation of a portfolio of residential properties available for rental in the historic city of Durham.  The unique nature of these properties often means that creative solutions are necessary.  This is ongoing to this day.

London based regeneration scheme with global profile (UK)

Design and development of a long-term sourcing strategy for a multi-site London based FM and business support service with a global profile. 

This included service bundling, market analysis including soft market testing, organisation design, operating design, policy and standard development and customer interface design as well as challenging industry norms for contract and delivery models whilst complying with European procurement legislation.

Various Regional and Borough Councils (UK)

Strategic development and support of change in the delivery of support services including re-procurement support, process and organisation design, and the development of shared services FM and estates organisations and their operation.

This has facilitated the clients, their staff, the people within their areas and their customers with new levels of service, quality, compliance and value for all aspects of their support operations.

Regional Multi Disciplinary Government Organisation (UK)

Supplier bid review and contract development for one of the most significant PFI FM and estates outsourcing contracts for award in the UK.

Major Technology and Communications Company (Europe)

Development of supply chain strategy, organisation design and savings opportunity assessment for FM within Western, Central, and Eastern Europe. 

The main challenge was to devise a solution that not only worked with a diverse office based estate but also was scalable to allow for large scale future expansion.  This required a high level of market analysis and understanding.

Major Technology and Communications Company (Europe)

Re-procurement of one of the largest Facilities Management contracts ever let in the UK in a range of areas including the production of an innovative supply chain model, sourcing strategy, commentary on performance management and the development of a ‘going to market’ pack.

Shared Services Organisation Team Lead – Estates  (UK)

Business Case Team Leadership

Development of a business case for estates and FM activities by analysing operations and identifying potential service, delivery and financial benefits.  Working with the existing estates team and focusing on building on their successes and influencing behaviours rather than starting afresh identified benefits of over £20m.

Design Phase Team Leadership

Development of a comprehensive suite of ‘end-to-end’ estates, FM and customer facing processes.  The processes were tested by dynamic simulation which allowed the development of an implementation plan using gap analysis and existing processes within tight budget and resource constraints.  A key driver in this stage was the identification of key stakeholders consulting with them on an iterative basis.

Implementation Phase Team Leadership

Delivery of a wide range of activities essential to allow the introduction of the full range of FM and estates services.  This included financial management, the development of customer service level agreements and key performance indicators, organisation design, communication strategy, staff role scooping and design of the customer interface (including helpdesk).  Success was achieved by significant stakeholder engagement as Estates were the only service line to ‘go live’ on schedule.

Service Development and Enhancement

Refinement of systems and service delivery to better meet customer needs and objectives. This included the separation of operational FM and estates activities from strategic activities to enhance customer service and to develop a strategy for the service delivery.  Again this required a high level of stakeholder liaison and political acumen as well as market understanding.

Property Investment and Management Company (UK)

Shaping of the re-procurement strategy for a facilities management service, including leading the request for information (RFI) process and the production of customer focused specifications, acknowledged by the client and suppliers as innovative, which will provide competitive advantage for the client.

Leading Grocery and General Retailer (UK)

Subject Matter Expert with specialist advice given in respect of meeting the FM needs of individual stores and their often very different needs and how to structure service delivery across a diverse multi-site portfolio so that it me financial, service and environmental corporate goals.

Global Consumer Goods Packaging Manufacturer (Sweden)

Procurement Subject Matter Expert providing specialist advice and knowledge in areas including the pan-European supply market, industry trends, indicative benchmarking and specialist technical knowledge on cleaning services and service provider selection, implementation and operations.

Global Consumer Products Manufacturer (Switzerland)

Management of key international support services management workshops to determine the potential for greater synergies and cost savings across the business in a planned re-procurement exercise.  Results greatly exceeded client expectations.

International Oil Company (Pan-European)

Benchmarking of facilities management operations to determine strategic focus.  This included options appraisal and the determination of a way forward for facilities operations.

Global Transportation Manufacturer (UK / Germany)

Specification and re-procurement of both hard and soft facilities management services. The challenge was to identify and deliver synergies between parts of the business that had traditionally been operated independently.  This was done by working with the clients and understanding the needs of their customers.

Major Automotive Components Manufacturer (UK)

Procurement Subject Matter Expert delivering savings of 15% on estates service operations for both office and manufacturing sites.