Business Support Services

Business Support Services


Do you want to get rid of the things that can lead to management distraction?

We can take care of these and let you  focus on running your organisation

There are so  many things an organisation has to do which are just not core but are still crucial to it.  Although we can’t do everything — we just won’t do things where we can not achieve excellence—there are many areas where we can provide the support you need:

Property Efficiency Strategy

By  understanding both your business requirements and your existing Property service delivery we will work with you to develop a strategy that supports core operations.  By defining your service needs, a sourcing strategy and how the service should be managed we can help to deliver both reduced operating costs and service quality improvements that will make a difference to your core business

Management Training and Executive Coaching

We can offer a range of training and team building exercises for your business.  We don’t offer generic service but will develop a solution to meet your specific needs whether it is a one day workshop on business efficiency, a course on business writing or a team building event.  

We also offer executive training whether to allow you to develop the strategy you need for that specific issue or to provide the long term support you need to grow and develop as a person and leader


Good sustainability practice is good business practice as it can offer financial benefits and protect you from reputational risk.  We can help to guide you through the fads and fables of ‘environmental correctness’ and help you to operate in a sustainable and ethical manner which can show meaningful  and demonstrable commitment to sustainability

Governance and Management System Review

Just how well are your suppliers and services being managed? 

Do you havethe right processes and policies in place?

By carrying out an assessment of your existing FM processes and management systems we will help you to understand if they are ‘fit for purpose’ and if there are any gaps that expose you to risk or potential non-compliance.  This will allow us to work with you to develop a unique action plan to support both operational efficiency, risk mitigation and compliance

Technical Authorship

We can help you with the production of technical documentation whether it is the development of processes or the production of user guides, for example. We understand that, no matter how complex the core subject is, the document must be easily understood by its intended audience with as little ambiguity as possible

Document Production

We can help you with your documentation whether it’s an advertisement, a flyer, a marketing document, a presentation, a process map or even an internal communiqué.  We understand just how important it is that the unwritten message is as good as the written message.  We can offer support in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Visio and Adobe Acrobat